Into His Own

by Edbrooke Collective



Edbrooke Collective wrote songs on adoption as sons and daughters of God through Christ's blood. These songs deal with our identity in Christ and resting in the assurance of God's love for us. "Many of us struggle with trusting God as our good and perfect Father. So we wanted to sing songs that dealt with who we really are in Christ. Confessing our need and trusting that God cares for our greatest good far more then we ever could. Our hope is that these songs would allow for us to embrace God as our father and be moved to live our lives for His glory." - Adam Anglin (band leader)


released July 10, 2016

Adam Anglin: Vox, Guitar
Micah Schmeideskamp: Bass
Dustin Peterson: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jenna Walker: Vocals
Mark Walker: Lead Guitar
Dan Notary: Drums
Keith Stevens: Bass Guitar
Katy Parker: Keys
Ben Weichman: Violin



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Fellowship Denver Music Denver, Colorado

Fellowship Denver Music is consists of bands of varied musical styles. Each band leads at Fellowship Denver Church during Sunday morning services. The bands write and record original music for the church that is both congregational and Gospel-centered.

Our hope: To see a Gospel movement that fills Denver with disciples of Jesus.
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Track Name: Sons and Daughters
Sons, daughters, of the only true and perfect eternal Father
Sons, daughters, free to live in the light of the one who bought us
Sons, daughters, heirs with Christ heirs to God our Father
Sons, daughters, united in the righteous blood of the Slaughtered

Sons, daughters, identities are found in his cross and in his crown
Sons, daughters, may our final breath proclaim all the glory due his Name

Oh we are Saved, not just forgiven
We will be raised and seated with the Son

Sons, daughters, of the only true and perfect eternal Father
Sons, daughters, free to live in the light of the one who bought us
Track Name: Adopter. King!
Orphaned I am, orphaned I came
In a picture that’s torn from the frame
Broken I am, lost and grieved
For I am in need of relief

Father your ways are never known
Though your love poured out is plain to see
Father my flesh it wars on me,
For I am in need of relief

You alone are God, Adopter, King!
Sent your Son, set the captives free
We are in your fold, The Great I
The Lord of Lords, calls us his own

Father come heal me, pull me up
Come breath Eternal life into my lungs
Father your mercies are perfect and true
Father your grace will see me through

You alone are God, Adopter, King!
Sent your Son, set the captives free
You will raise us up, seated with the Son
In the heavenly places with the heavenly
Track Name: Come Thou Fount (Interlude)
Come thou fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise

God of mercy, gracious Father
Sent your son to do your will
Perfect in life, perfect sacrifice
Raised in Glory, conquered hell
Track Name: Restore
Father, come make your children whole
Father, still our anxious minds
Help us see you alone are wise
Help us know you are kind

Father, keep us in your love
Father, draw our eyes to you
Help us turn from our sin
Help us turn to you again

Give us rest in You
Restore us in your love

Jesus, help us trust in you
Jesus, pull us from despair
Jesus come and make us new
Help us hold your cross in view

Holy spirit remove the veil
Holy spirit move in power
Hear our aches and our groans
Turn our hearts towards the throne
Track Name: Into His Own
I have not been condemned, Christ died in my stead
And rescued this life when he rose from dead
Wretched was I while once lost in sin
Let my soul not forget but praise the Father and King

It’s not a spirit of fear to makes us slaves,
but we are adopted as children into his own
so we cry Abba, Father, we are yours

Now His spirit testifies with his spirit in us
affirms we are his, Christ death was enough
Through him we are heirs of our God, our king
co-heirs with our Savior, His children now sing

What shall we say to this, this gift of love
That God is for us and gave us his son
never shall he deny, nothing can divide
in his love we are free, in his love we abide